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Lawyer. Speaker. Author. Advocate.

Liz Huntley is a full-time litigation attorney, a dedicated child advocate, a nationally renowned motivational speaker and published author – all with two daughters, a son, and a husband. Some might call her superwoman.

But possibly most notably, she has a phenomenal life story.

Growing up in a nightmarish childhood with all odds against her and influences of abuse, neglect, and drug addiction, Liz should never have become who she is today. No human imagination could have predicted it. Her life-changing moment came on her first day of first grade when her teacher spoke the emboldening words, “Elizabeth, you’re going to be the brightest student I ever have.” Those words produced a powerful wake of hope whose current has proven unstoppable.

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Watch Liz in action.

Liz was asked to speak at the TEDx Birmingham event in 2015. This 10 minute talk is an overview of her life story and a call to action for teachers, advocates, parents, anywhere who want to impact the life of a child.